Shape: Box

I used to say box was all I needed. I have a fondness for the box but let's keep it formal.

[#boxcutter 716 - hudV1]

Box does just what the name entails. It draws a box. Corner draw by default.

First is the draw. and then the extrude. Click and let go and click to apply.

[Boxtip #41. Reverse Bevel is capable for Box / Circle]

You can draw and extrude or you can draw click and just lazorcut through the model.

[Boxtip #36. Release Lock]

[H] Wire / Solid Draw Toggle [L] Live Toggle

Pressing H during draw will use wire instead of solid. L will toggle live.

[Boxtip #73. Almost every hotkey is accessible from the helper]

Center, Corner and Uniform Draw

During draw the following draw modifiers apply:

  • alt for uniform draw
  • shift for center draw (where the box is the same on all sides)
  • alt + shift for center uniform draw (how the cube center was cut evenly)

Here you can see them in action.

[Boxtip #17. Shape Draw Modifiers]


[#boxcutter 718_9: MiniHelper - Mode Options and Suboptions]

Since extractions changes over to simple shape that is why the shape transitioned over to custom.

[Boxtip #59. By default extract will take any surface (if possible)]

[#boxcutter 71V_5 - Surface_Extract]

Box Operations

Box can be started with any of the start states:

  • array
  • solidify
  • bevel
  • mirror

and the following shape modifiers:

  • wedge
  • taper
  • grid

[#boxcutter 718_9: MiniHelper - Shapes / Shape Modifers & Modifier Start States]


Ctrl + double clicking will repeat the last operation. With fade now the shapes stay behind longer depending on fade time.

[Boxtip #20. Ctrl + Double click to repeat]

You can repeat a variety of things even custom shapes.

Release Lock

[#boxcutter 717_8 - Release Lock Subpanel]

Rotate Shape During draw

Pressing R or ~ (tilda) will rotate the shape (alt + scroll) 90 degrees.

[Boxtip #51. Rotate Inside]

Shape Recall

Do not try to recall shapes that do not exist.

When drawing a box or circle you can recall previous cutters in the cutter collection with:

  • Alt + MMB
  • C key
  • Alt + arrow keys

[Boxtip #21. Alt Scroll During Draw Recalls Previous Shapes]


[#boxcutter 718_8 - Alignment / Orientation Recap]

What is lazorcut?

Lazorcut is cutting without an extrude. It can either be done manually or with quick execute from the behavior panel.

[#boxcutter 717_8 - Lazorcut And AutoDepth]

Quick Execute should definetely not be on by default.

[Boxtip #37. Quick Execute is the opposite of release lock]

Draw and View Alignment

[Boxtip #27. View Alignment can be toggled if needed]

When it is on the box is draw from the view and not from the surface / cursor / world.

[#boxcutter 718_3 - Smart World w/Grid]

View align is a throwback to our classic 2.7x beginnings.

[Boxtip #26. Alignment can be adjusted from Local]

2d vs 3d Box

[#boxcutter 716 - twoKnives]

Wire Draw Type

During draw you can press H to show wire. This can come in handy if you need the absence of color for a moment. Or forever.

[Boxtip #73. Almost every hotkey is accessible from the helper]

Box and snapping

see snapping

[#boxcutter 718_9: MiniHelper - Snap Slider]