General Hotkeys

To use boxcutter efficiently is to use the hotkeys. You can use boxcutter without them but it takes away from the speed and power we envision for this tool. We have dreams to make it more capable for tablets and be able to use this without a keyboard someday so as more systems are added this should get closer.

Customizable hotkeys will be added down the road. However since it's using an active tool system the system for adding it is more complicated. The dots added to 714 aim to reduce hotkey usage while adding more functionality.

Alt + W (start boxcutter)

Pressing alt + W (with your cursor in the 3d view) starts boxcutter. It will also make the topbar popup at the top of the screen.


Without Boxcutter started none of the below hotkeys apply.

D (pie menu)

D will bring up a pie menu that has all the most important options handy.


Circle, Custom, and Ngon are listed. The missing option is the active tool. In this case. Box. To maintain the appearance of the pie we show only the tools no active in the pie. Seeing custom only means another shape is selected.

Looking at the topbar will also show what shape is active and in use.

Ctrl + D (mini helper)

Ctrl + D during boxcutter will bring up a mini helper with options that change dynamically to be the most useful on the fly.


Ctrl (Snapping dots)

Holding ctrl and moving the cursor over the mesh will reveal snapping dots for the enabled options.

Dots will only show if snapping is enabled and a highlight option is selected for the selection. These are intended for box, circle and custom.


Draw Modifiers

While boxcutter has many hotkeys for operations there are also modifiers for the drawing.

applies to:

Alt / Shift and Alt + Shift (during draw) Draw Modifiers

Box defaults to corner draw. Which looks like this:


  • alt during draw will use center draw. This is useful with edge and face snapping dots.


  • shift during draw will use uniform draw. This is less used but exists as a thing.


  • shift + alt during draw will create a center square draw. This can be used to punch holes in shapes using a central face as the origin point.


notice that circle uses center draw which doesn't require alt + shift. That can also be toggled to box as well eliminating the two hotkeys needing the be held.


In-Tool Hotkeys


During draw a variety of new options and hotkeys open up. They can be seen and followed via the N panel.


This is what should show in the help panel of the N panel


LMB / Spacebar - confirm

Double-clicking or pressing spacebar will apply the shape and end the operation. Our tool is configured so that the next operation performed after a cut is cut due to boxcutter being an active tool. Pressing spacebar or double clicking before the extrude portion will trigger lazorcut.


Quick execute is a mode of operation. Lazorcut is the behavior of cutting through the object bypassing the extrude operation. Quick execute bypasses extrude to jump straight to lazorcut after the initial draw operation. Pressing spacebar before extrude triggers lazorcut without allowing for extrude.

Shift + confirm - keep shape

Referred to as shift to live. If you are holding shift on confirmation you will keep the shape behind for editing. The sstatus of the shape will be boolshape so hardOps will be able to help with is as well.


C / Alt + Scroll - cycle cutters

If you draw some shapes and alt + Scroll it will cycle cutters. Also pressing C will do it. This is scrolling the objects in the collection "cutters" so if nothing is present issues may occur.


~ / R - rotate shape

In the event you need to rotate the shape inside of the bounds you can press R. This is not the same as traditional rotate which we plan to deal with via gizmo.

R also resets array if it gets out of control.


Tab - Edit Mode Dots / Pause Mode

Tabbing during draw will lock the shape in a paused state for finer edit and rotating the view. Dots will also be available for use for modification.


In the event you are using LMB or alt + LMB to rotate view and encounter issues. There is this behavior to assist.


L - live toggle

Pressing L will keep the shape drawn live. Perfect for future edit.


E - extrude

When in paused state E will toggle extrude and O will toggle offset allowing you to adjust the extrusion on the top and bottom faces. This is mainly used from pause. But sometimes you will need this duirng draw to deal with flush.

Hitting E a second time will toggle which face is being pushed. start

O - offset

Pressing O will adjust the offset of the top face only. Comparatively E is capable of doing both.


H - toggle Wires

Sometimes the solid shape can get in the way. Pressing H during draw will toggle wire draw.


X - slice

During draw pressing X will change to a slice.

Also able to be toggled in the mini helper.


Z - inset

Z toggles current shape into inset. During inset thickness can be adjusted with T and moving the mouse. There is also a property in the mini panel for this.


J - Join

J toggles a union draw which is represented by green.


K - Knife Box

K toggles knife box. Which is used to cutting geometry with edges instead of boolean operations.

Requires wireframes to be showing to see.


A - Make

A toggles make box which is just a regular box or shape. No booleans just a raw shape.


Y - Extract

Extract is made to take booleans from a mesh and make it into a cutter. Pressing Y brings up the black box which is the extractor. This can be a fun time. Taking shapes out and giving them back to the surface. After extraction the mesh will be made into a custom cutter and primed for use.


V - Array / V >> V - Radial Array

Pressing V will bring up array.

  • scroll wheel to add / subtract to the count
  • pressing V will toggle to radial array if an array is started
  • press x / y or z to change axis
  • press R to reset if the distance is out of hand.

Array is always in a state of improvement so behaviors may differ from 713 to 714 and in subsequent releases. For example array axis was rotated with R previously but caused ngon misalignment issues so that had to be corrected.


T - Solidify

Pressing T during draw will add thickness to the cut.

  • pressing 1, 2, 3, adjusts the offset to be inside or outside


B - Bevel

Pressing B will bevel the shape.

  • bringing the bevel in to 0 will lower segments to 1 and raise them to 6
  • Q will bevel the underarea of the shape (cube / circle only)
  • scroll wheel during bevel modal to increase / decrease segments


Q - Contour Bevel

Pressing Q during B will trigger contour bevel. Pressing Q without B will jump into bevel then a second Q will go into contour bevel.


In this state you may have to press B to toggle back to bevel and adjust the segements and amount modally since Contour Bevel is a state of bevel. This applies to times when the user goes from neutral shape to a Q contour bevel.

1, 2, 3, mirror

Press 1, 2, and 3 for mirror on the Xyz respectively.

  • 1 for x axis
  • 2 for y axis
  • 3 for z axis
  • press number a 2nd time to flip axis.

Be careful with the axis drawn on when using this as a start operation. It is a gotcha to draw on a side that has been bisected mirroed off. Be mindful of the axis you leave it in because it will not appear on the wrong side when this is set as a start operation.