Mode: Inset

Hotkey >> Z (during draw)

Purple cut is inset. This will slice the mesh, add a solidify and push the mesh inwards.

Since this uses the solidify large values will get problematic.

Debug can also assist with inset and the slight curve it contains with understanding.

Inset also has it's own playlist.

Pressing T during operation will adjust the thickness but also pressing D or Ctrl + D brings up the mini helper for fine adjustment.


Inset has inset slice and recut as alternative behaviors modifying inset.

Inset Slice

Inset Recut

Things to be aware of with inset.

Inset Playlist

Inset has it's own playlist which can be explored below. There are multiple aspects to be aware of with inset to get the most out of it.

Inset Launch Content

boxcutter 711 : Basic Introduction And L1 Demo

boxcutter 717_15 - Update Log (introduction of inset slice)

boxcutter 718_10 - Release Log (reintroduction of inset recut)