What is Boxcutter?

Boxcutter is a Blender 3d plugin for concept design utilizing on screen drawing and hotkeys. It is being used by studios and companies all around the world and has been used in film, AAA games and even cat helmet design. As Blender 3d and boxcutter gain more traction we feel even more motivated to keep going. Boxcutter was the first such drawing based boolean product in all of 3D, and is currently still the most advanced and robust of it's kind in Blender.

The goal of each of our tools is to provide a first class AAA experience and most importantly, continue moving forward without stopping. Over 5000 hours have been spent creating, tuning and testing the Boxcutter technology and workflow. We take pride in our frequent release schedule and continual updates. Rarely is there a bug, that once identified, isn't fixed and an update released within 24 hours or at least addressed and planned for resolution. Our versatility is finding multiple ways to solve a problem so users can experiment with finding the best method. I take the upmost pride in this product and it's quality and can attest to the dedication of the team firsthand.


Why is this page here?

You wouldn't believe how many people asked for boxcutter docs. I guess I talk too fast or move too fast in videos but now we have the means to educate the masses.

So batten down the hatches, it's time to get learning. shape

How did Boxcutter come about?

Boxcutter was first created by AR. From the moment of this tools first inception we had great plans for it. Many have worked on this tool over the years but it wasn't until proxe rewrote things for 2.8 with the future in mind did we get closer to the dreams we never knew we had. Even now we all still collaborate on ways to improve the tool and user experience while also trying to change the way things are done.

Boxcutter was an approach for a simpler more streamlined way to approach boolean modelling. HardOps had proven itself as focused workflow assistant and boxcutter was an attempt to reboot the whole idea with usability and simplicity in mind. Even now our work continues to inspire and guide future generations.





Boxcutter was first released April 26 2016. And from that moment it was a battle to survive.

This was the initial launch ad for boxcutter.

Boxcutter 690 was the final version for Blender 2.79 and remains in markets due to it still being popular.

This was the final ad of 2.79 for Boxcutter 690.

2.8 Marked the beginning of the 7 era for Boxcutter.

714 is the most recent release (as of writing):

From 2016 to this very moment we have been working on this tool and the refinement of the ideas we hope to convey. And to say the journey has been "eventful" would be an understatement.

Our competition is fierce but we're never one to give up. A good idea is bound to get around. shape

There are many imitators, but only one Boxcutter..

As our work continues the wheels keep turning. 2019 is the year of boxcutter. shape

2.8 history


Many videos were done over the course of development chronicling the progress. Even now we continue to work on not only the tool but the way it is conveyed and educated. These videos serve as a nice overview of boxcutter the various features added to each release as the 2.8 era went on.

713 Reintroduction

DM - 003

713 H0S3

712 Crazy Custom Cutters

712 Update Log

712 Curved Cutting

712 #boxcutter w/Commotion for logo animation in #b3d

711 Power Converter

711 Basic Introduction

711 Spherical Eye Demo

707 More Box More Cutter

706 More Than Just a Box

706 Corridor Timelapse

705 Green Additive Boxes

704 Enter Blue Box

703 Mirror Business

702 New User Intro

702 Box City

690 Final Ad